Seriously Funny!


We’re so excited to team up with Creative Arts Studio for our upcoming January workshop!  Here’s all the info!

Seriously Funny! (ages 6-9)
Dates: Sunday January 15th, 22nd and 29th
Time: 11am-1pm
Cost: $90
Location: 310 Atlantic Ave, BK, NY
Description:  This workshop will get students laughing and learning! Using ice breakers, group building exercises and improv games, students will learn the basics of comedic acting and performance. There will be stories, character building activities and crafting time. Each week we will cover a different theme inspired by the history of comedy and students will build props, costumes and explore famous funny people in preparation for a seriously funny final show!

Email to reserve a spot!

Fall Workshops Are Here!


We’re really excited to announce our fall workshops! Registration is now open!

First Class: Monday, Sept. 12th (No Class Oct. 10th)
Last Class: Monday, Nov. 21st
Times: 2:40pm-5pm
Where: Brooklyn Brainery (190 Underhill Ave, BK, NY)
Price: $500
Ages: 8-12
Description: In this 10 week after school workshop, kids will learn how to shape a scene and short story as well as work on building and creating costume pieces and props based on a  different theme each week.
PS 9 pick up available

First Class: Wednesday Sept. 14th 
Last Class:
Wednesday, Oct. 12th
Planet Cute (704 Washington Ave)
Description: In this 5 week after school workshop, kids will explore Prospect Park to play fun ice breakers, theater games and group building exercises to get away from screens and help them engage with the outdoors.  There will be lots of stories, running and playing!  (dropoff/pick up will be at Planet Cute in Prospect Heights).
PS 9 pick up available

TO RESERVE A SPOT: email! Happy Summer!

What Parents are Saying About Appleburne…

“Hayley and Willy have a gift in getting children to express themselves and use their budding creativity to build stories and act them out.  My youngest son has always been very shy but when he took Willy and Hayley’s class he broke out of his shell. This outlet gave him the chance to explore his creativity by drawing pictures and writing stories in the journal each kid kept, and then using those pictures and stories to act them out with the guidance of Willy and Hayley.   After every class my son would be so excited to share the latest tall tale he created or the group collaborated on.” – Faye (Prospect Heights)

“My 6 year old son just loved Appleburne Workshops! Willy and Hayley are so fun, full of energy and simply amazing with all the kids. The whole group worked collaboratively to produce some amazing theater, characters and stories. My son really grew in confidence and loved every single class.”- Anneka (Prospect Heights)

“Both of my daughters loved Appleburne! Willy and Hayley are really great at helping kids channel their energy in a fun and positive way. My kids especially loved the games. They play them together at home and teach their friends, too! “- Sarah (Prospect Heights)


1006098_703861156319268_1156717609585777269_nAppleburne Workshops will be offering 3 after school workshops this Fall starting in September 2016!

These workshops will be held in Prospect Heights, BK and will focus on creative writing, theatrical and movement based performance and original story building.

Fall workshops will begin September 7th and run through Nov. 16th.  Enrollment will begin July 15th at 7:30am.

Stay tuned for more info!

Appleburne’s April Workshop


Appleburne is excited to start a 6 week workshop at our new location, Tykes in the Heights.  Here’s all the info!

Title: Intro to Theater Games
Starts: Tuesday, April 5th at 2:40pm-5pm (skipping April 26th)
Ends: Tuesday, May 17th
Price: $250
Description:  In this 6 week class, students will learn the basics of improvisational acting and role play.  This class will be a fun way for students to explore acting through creative theater games and costume play without the pressures of a final performance.  There will also be fun warm ups, movement exercises and stories!
Location: Tykes in the Heights (663 Vanderbilt Ave)
P.S. 9 Pickup is available

Email to reserve a spot!

Appleburne 2016 Workshop!


Happy Holidays!  Appleburne Workshops has a new class starting in January of 2016!  Check it out:

Title: The Basics of Improv
Starts: Wednesday, January 6th at 2:40pm-5pm
Ends: Wednesday, February 24th
Price: $325
Description:  In this 8 week class, students will learn the basics of improvisational performance.  From listening, to agreeing and developing a basic scene, this class will be a fun way for students to explore the key elements of improv comedy.  There will also be fun warm ups, games and stories!
Location: TBD
P.S. 9 Pickup is available
Email to reserve a spot!

No school for a day? Appleburne’s got you covered!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.29.20 PM

Are you looking for an activity for your child during a day off from school? Appleburne’s got you! We’re now offering a day long workshop starting at 8:30am and ending at 2:30pm. Check out the information below and email to reserve a spot!

Dates Offered: Sept. 23rd/24th, Oct. 12th, Nov. 3rd, Nov. 11th
Times: 8:30am- 2:30pm
Location: Color Bklyn
Price: $125
Description: During this workshop, students will get a crash course in everything Appleburne Workshops does. We’ll play movement and theatre games, have writing and drawing exercises, hit the playground, explore different story techniques and perform a piece created by the class! We’ll also be telling different children’s stories throughout the day.

Spots do fill up fast, so please reach out with any and all inquiries. Thanks!

Fall Appleburne Workshops are HERE!


Appleburne is excited to announce that we’ll be kicking off our 3rd year at Color Bklyn, with a new session this Fall starting Monday, September 21st!

TITLE: Journey Through Stories (1st-3rd Grade)
DATE: Monday, 2:40-5pm
FIRST SESSION: Monday, September 21st (no class on Oct. 12th)
LAST SESSION: Monday, Nov. 16th
WHERE: Color BKLYN (760 Washington Ave.)
PRICE: $325 for 8-week class
DESCRIPTION: In this 8 week class students will explore different types of original stories. Every class will begin with a new story being created and told and then, as a class, we will generate ideas through theater games, movement play and writing exercises. Students will keep a journal of ideas and daily stories. The workshop will culminate with a final story that the students will present and perform for parents.
NOTE: P.S.9 Pickup is available

If interested, please email us at appleburne (at) gmail (dot) come to reserve a spot or inquire more. Happy Summer!