Appleburn2 We’ve got a new class starting this fall!

TITLE: Improv & Storytelling for Kids (7-10 year olds)
DATE: Mondays, 2:40- 5pm
FIRST SESSION: Monday, September 22nd
LAST SESSION: Monday, Nov. 17th (No Class Oct. 13th)
WHERE: Color BKLYN (760 Washington Ave.)
PRICE: $300 for 8-week class
DESCRIPTION: Improv For Kids will teach students the basics of improv and good story through theater games, ice breakers, basic acting techniques and movement exercises. We will explore what makes a good scene and story and focus on developing characters. Students will keep a journal of daily thoughts and ideas and will write their own stories each week based on characters they have developed through workshop games. We will culminate the workshop with a final story the class has created.
NOTE: PS 9 Pick up available, just let us know!

Sounds like a blast right? You can even tell your kids that we’ll play Giants, Wizards and Elves, the Museum Statue Game and brand new games we’ve developed!

If you are interested in learning more or would like to sign your child up then send us an email (appleburne [at] gmail[dot]com) and we can get you started!

If your kids can’t make it, please feel free to tell your friends about this awesome workshop!


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