What Parents are Saying About Appleburne…

“Hayley and Willy have a gift in getting children to express themselves and use their budding creativity to build stories and act them out.  My youngest son has always been very shy but when he took Willy and Hayley’s class he broke out of his shell. This outlet gave him the chance to explore his creativity by drawing pictures and writing stories in the journal each kid kept, and then using those pictures and stories to act them out with the guidance of Willy and Hayley.   After every class my son would be so excited to share the latest tall tale he created or the group collaborated on.” – Faye (Prospect Heights)

“My 6 year old son just loved Appleburne Workshops! Willy and Hayley are so fun, full of energy and simply amazing with all the kids. The whole group worked collaboratively to produce some amazing theater, characters and stories. My son really grew in confidence and loved every single class.”- Anneka (Prospect Heights)

“Both of my daughters loved Appleburne! Willy and Hayley are really great at helping kids channel their energy in a fun and positive way. My kids especially loved the games. They play them together at home and teach their friends, too! “- Sarah (Prospect Heights)


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